How do people in bear country feel about grizzly restoration?

February 17, 2017 Conservation Northwest

By Chase Gunnell, Deputy Communications Director

For years, biologists in northwest Montana’s Cabinet Mountains have been successfully augmenting that region’s grizzly bear population with bears from near Glacier National Park. 

Thanks to their hard work and some truly amazing animals, this bear population is bouncing back from the brink. But before a grizzly was ever transplanted here, experts lead over a year of bear education and outreach.

So how do residents and community leaders in this area feel about grizzly bears now? With a transparent public process, community collaboration, and lots of straightforward information on how to coexist with these iconic animals, people are proud to welcome grizzly bears back to their region.


This story is a powerful blueprint for how grizzly bear restoration can be successful in Washington’s North Cascades. But now is the time to act before it’s too late! 

Find suggested comments and take action before March 14 at: #SavetheCascadesGrizzly


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