Conservation Northwest

2013 Spring-Fall Field Season Report CWMP

Conservation Northwest protects and connects old-growth forests and other wild areas from the Washington Coast to the British Columbia Rockies, vital to a healthy future for us, our children, and wildlife. Since 1989, Conservation Northwest has worke

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52 | P a g e Copeland, J. P., K. S. McKelvey, K. B. Aubry, A. Landa, J. Persson, R. M. Inman, J. Krebs, E. Lofroth, H. Golden, J. R. Squires, A. Magoun, M. K. Schwartz, J. Wilmot, C. L. Copeland, R. E. Yates, I. Kojola, and R. May. 2010. The bioclimatic envelope of the wolverine (Gulo gulo): do climatic constraints limit its geographic distribution? Canadian Journal of Zoology 88:233–246. Magoun, A. J., C.D. Clinton, M.K. Schwartz, K.L. Pilgrim, R.E. Lowell, P.K. Valkenburg. 2011. Integrating motion-detection cameras and hair snags for wolverine identification. Journal of Wildlife Management 75:731-739. APPENDIX V: Individual Sites with GPS Coordinates (available only upon request)

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